Genre : Animation
No.of Episodes : 12
Duration : 25min
Production Year : 2003

© Kanenone Rijikai/Star Link


Brilliant Green Mountains Blue Skies and White Clouds Murmuring Brooks The Promise of Summer...
This summer, "Kanenone High School", an all-boys boarding school, is preparing for some radical changes...GIRLS!!

The smash hit romantic adventure (PC Game) "Green Green" as an animated TV feature!! (12 episodes, July - September 2003)
Based on the original PC game that sold over 30,000 copies.
Green Green - the 2001 PC Game that took the industry by storm, transcending the romantic adventure category with its powerful originality. Its popularity, still unrelenting, has crossed over into a myriad of directions including paperbacks, serials, manga, and live events. With the release of the consumer edition on PlayStation 2 (2 titles) in April, the momentum continues. And in July, the TV animated series will make its debut!!

The inevitable break of Shinji Katakura's characters -- their TV debut!
Creator of "Kanaria", "Green Green" (PC game) and "Boukyaku no Senritsu" (comic series), hugely popular artist Shinji Katakura's characters make their TV animation debut!

Romantic Comedy takes "Kanenone High School" by storm!
The story is set in an all-boys boarding school deep in the secluded mountains. The dull high school existence of the hero, "Yusuke", and the 3 Stooges comes suddenly alive in psychedelic technicolor with the arrival of high school girls! The ensuing bustling comedy is peppered with sexy scenes surrounding Yusuke's romantic predicaments. Love, friendship, laughter, and... tears...the story is packed with the essence of youth, romance and drama!

Take your pick! Six heroines compete for your attention!
Aside from the original 5 in the PC game, a sixth heroine, "Reika Morimura" is introduced in this original TV animation. Each of them, including the central character, Midori, will be highlighted in their own episodes - you won't be disappointed!!

Primal instincts fully bared!
The vulgar jokes never let up. The racy script constantly toes the line of censorship - making even the staff and actors blush!

Beautiful Diva of the PC Game World "Hiromi Sato" sings the theme song.
The theme song, written by milktub, creator of the music for the PC game, will be performed by Hiromi Sato, the ever-popular beauty of the PC game world. The music will ROCK you!

Don't miss the opportunity to see the commercial featuring the made-for-TV Original Character, "Reika Morimura" played by Kana Ueda in living color!
You can see the actual voice actress Kana Ueda in a 30 second commercial spot that will run during the program. So, do NOT cut the commercials while you are watching the show!

Nestled in nature and secluded deep in the mountains like some sort of secret reformatory is Kanenone High School. It is an all-boys boarding school, home of the 3 Stooges otherwise known as Badgegoo - full of ulterior motives, Ichibanboshi - the pick-up artist, and Tenshin - a big boy who likes little girls, and the unremarkable hero, Yusuke Takasaki. But their uneventful lives are soon to be over. As a trial run for the school's plans to go "co-ed", GIRLS are transferring to Kanenone for one month. The 3 Stooges are beside themselves with excitement!
The day finally arrives and the busload of city girls pulls up amidst preparations for the welcoming party. As the Chairman of Welcoming Committee, Yusuke steps up to the bus -- but to his astonishment, he is greeted by a girl who calls him by name and jumps into his arms, knocking him flat on his back!
"Hi, Yusuke!!"
Who is this girl whose softness is smothering his face? The 3 Stooges go wild with jealousy! The other boys look on in utter awe! The girls blush, embarrassed, and Yusuke is carried off to the Health Office by an envious entourage.

Meanwhile, Reika Morimura looks on dubiously...

Who is this girl, Midori, who aggressively pursues Yusuke? And will the brief co-ed experience transpire without a hitch???