Genre : Animation
No.of Episodes : 50
Duration : 5 min
Production Year : 2009

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"I am gonna be a great sumo wrestler as Mt. Fuji`!"
In the comedic adventures of "Naked Wolvesh, the central character, a sumo wrestler named Mikoshiarashi, travels around the world acquiring top secret sumo techniques as well as friendship with strong wrestlers on his road to becoming an invincible "YOKOZUNAh - The Grand Sumo Champion. Howl on, Naked Wolves!
In Mikoshiarashifs adventures, the young sumo wrestler challenges the worldfs fiercest contenders in order to master the 48 Secret Sumo Techniques. Featuring the native dress and music of countries around the globe, the hilarious characters just keep on cominf !
Archrivals Mikoshiarashi (a.k.a. Arashi) and Tetsunishiki (a.k.a. Tetsu-chan) are childhood buddies. In junior high school, Tetsu-chan was no match for Arashifs "deadly opening chargeh, but in the professional Grand Sumo Tournament, the tables start to turn.
Mikoshiarashifs "deadly chargeh no longer works on Tetsunishiki - and he ends up being hurled out of the ring by his childhood friend! One day, Mikoshiarashi is called in by the stable master, who tells him to travel the world and master the "48 Secret Techniquesh of Sumo that have been scattered around the globe. The worldfs greatest fighters await Arashi as he embarks on his journeyc Will Mikoshiarashi make it back to Japan in one piece? What are the 48 Secret Techniques? And the climax...Will Mikoshiarashi ever beat Tetsunishiki again? What groundbreaking maneuvers will Arashi master on his journey.


Mikoshiarashi - a.k.a. Arashi
Favorite maneuver: the gover arm throwh
Favorite food: Sumo stew, rice balls
--- Weighing in at over 100 kg in junior high school and gifted with great athletic prowess, Arashi ruled over the Little Sumo League as the gyokozunah, or Grand Champion. His dream was to gbecome a great sumo wrestler as Mt. Fuji and he resolved to follow the path of a professional sumo wrestler -- of course as a gyokozunah.
He had a romantic fling in junior high school, but then decided to pledge his life to sumo. Forget about love! Forget about romance! He would live and breathe sumo, a sport where giants collided with other giants. Ever since then, hefs worn nothing but his mawashi, or sumo belt.

Tetsunishiki - a.k.a. Tetsu-chan
Favorite maneuvers: the ginitial thrusth and the glifting throwh
Personality: Warm-hearted guy who is very fond of his little sister
--- Tetsu-chan is a childhood buddy of Mikoshiarashi. Hefs a powerhouse topping 150 kg in junior high school, but with a very gentle soul. As a kid, he was never able to beat Mikoshiarashi, even with his best maneuver, the ginitial thrusth, and would always be hurled out of the ring by Arashifs gover arm throwh. But his blood, sweat, tears and hard training finally pay off in the professional sumo arena, the Grand Sumo Tournament, where he hurls Mikoshiarashi out of the ring in a powerful glifting throwh. Currently, Tetsunishiki is an undefeated gyokozunah who is considered the gfaceh of sumo, and is Mikoshiarashifs archrival.

Stable master Tsukumoe
--- During his sumo career, was an undefeated wrestler with powerful pulling techniques and force-outs, and the record holder of most tournaments won, and was nicknamed gthe Wolf of the North Seah for his ferocious power and agility. Since his retirement, became a stable master, taking on the name of gTsukumoeh. He discovers Mikoshiarashi and Tetsunishiki, two junior high school students, while scouring Japan for new recruits.