Genre : Animation
No.of Episodes : 3
Duration : 27min
Production Year : 2003



Sakura Taisen Original Video Animation Series that introduced the charismatic characters of "Sakura Taisen" comes to life on the screen!

Following the first and the second series, the third series opens with the much anticipated appearance of the fighting troupe, who appeared in the game, "Sakura Taisen III". The three episodes in this third OVA series unveil the side stories that weren't revealed in the game series. "Ecole de Paris" is exactly what the fans have been waiting for -- with the story of the formation of the Paris fighting troupe and the events that confront them -- all set in the blossoming city of Paris.

What is "Sakura Taisen"?

A mega-hit series originally began as Sega Saturn game software in 1996. It has sold over 3 million copies, and is a cornerstone of Sega's home video games on Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. Its popularity has crossed over into novels, OVA, and TV anime, and has even produced a musical stage show "Sakura Taisen Song Show". Moreover, in the winter of 2001, the movie "Sakura Wars- the movie-" was released nationally.

< Ecole de Paris -Episode I->
Erica's spiritual power is discovered by Grand Mere -- the Manager of the Theatre Chanoir in Montmartre, Paris -- and joins the Paris fighting troupe.
A few days after Glycine and Erica become acquainted, the Paris skyline is enveloped in ominous clouds and a flash of lights shoots from the horizon. They follow the beam of light, which leads them to a museum. Unable to reveal her secret mission, Erica turns Glycine away and confronts the mysterious figure herself...
The first story reveals the origination of Erica and Glycine's relationship and the formation of the Paris fighting troupe.

< Ecole de Paris -Episode II->
Erica, Glycine, and Coquelicot comprise the Paris fighting troupe. Grand Mere calls Ichiro Ogami from Japan to lead this troupe, but she still feels something is lacking. Meanwhile, Lobelia plagues the Paris nights with her evil deeds. Grand Mere and the troupe set a trap to ascertain whether Lobelia would be a suitable member for the Paris fighting troupe. But why would Lobelia, the darkest villainess in Paris' history, be chosen to join the troupe? Therein lays the greatest mystery of the Paris "Sakura Taisen"...

< Ecole de Paris -Episode III->
The accident occurs! The man-made pawn used for combat drilling goes out of control, and the unit is faced with the dangers of an actual battle situation...without the leadership and unity they need! The Paris fighting troupe finally comes together as a unit to save the leader who boldly takes charge, putting himself at risk.