Genre : Animation
No.of Episodes : 3
Duration : 30min
Production Year : 2003

©2004 SEGA/RED


The Much anticipated second chapter of Paris Fighting Troupe after the immensely popular trilogy Sakura Taisen `Ecole de Paris.`

This new trilogy series "Sakura Taisen -Le Nouveau Paris-" is revealed the stories from the game "Sakura Taisen 3 ~Is Paris Burning? ~" ...
After succeeded in rescuing Paris from the greatest disaster, the commander captain Ogami is discharged from the duties and its time for him to return to Tokyo and leave his Paris Flower Troupe; five young ladies - Erica, Glycine, Coquelicot, Lobelia and Hanabi E- are enlisted in the Paris, behind to watch over the city of Paris. The unit must rise to the challenge without the captain Oga@mi to protect their beloved Paris from the inevitable crisis.

< Ecole de Paris -Episode I->
Erica's spiritual power is discovered by Grand Mere -- the Manager of the Theatre Chanoir in A nightly Christmas Revue runs at Paris' Theatre Chanoir as the holiday season approaches. Captain Ogami has returned to Japan, leaving behind a wistful Paris Flower Troupe to ensure peace in Paris.
But such tranquil days are numbered as dark clouds loom once again over the horizon...
One evening as Hanabi and Coquelicot patrol the streets, Hanabi's father, Masamichi Kitaoji pays a surprise visit. Their mission is top secret, even to family, and Hanabi is at a loss...
Coquelicot explains Hanabi is a member of a charity circus called Paris Flower Fighting Troupe as an excuse. And so it goes that Paris Flower Fighting Troupe must put on an impromptu circus performance for one night. Masamichi watches his beloved daughter from his seat, unaware of the evil presence that lurks in the audience. Will Paris Flower Fighting Troupe be able to protect Hanabi's father, as well as Paris?

< Ecole de Paris -Episode II->
Mell & Ci set out on a perilous mission to protect the secret of Paris Fighting Troupe.
Chanoir is burglarized during Grand Mere's absence! The "Royal Clock", a priceless British heirloom, is stolen from the cloakroom under Mell & Ci's care. The British aristocrats demand a police investigation, but that would compromise the cover of Paris Fighting Troupe, leaving Mell & Ci in a bindc
They chance upon a suspicious character in town that they recognize from the night of the burglary and immediately trail him. Little do they know that he is an intelligence operative out to uncover Paris Fighting Troupe's identity. The unsuspecting Mell & Ci steal into his secret basecbut unlike the members of Paris Fighting Troupe, Mell & Ci have never been trained as a combat. What will become of them?

< Ecole de Paris -Episode III->
A letter arrives to Paris Fighting Troupe from Ogami, the first leader of Paris Fighting Troupe, who has returned to Japan, which reads, "Together with your leader, your mission is to preserve peace in Paris." Paris Fighting Troupe has not found anyone to succeed him and the letter rekindles the urgency of finding a new leader. Meanwhile, Count Tourner, the alchemist, creates a bizarre creature to destroy the city. Even worse he transforms The effeltower into a destructive monster, scattering sinister thunder over Parisc
Will the leaderless Paris Fighting Troupe be able to save Paris from the worst crisis ?
The spectacular final episode of the Nouveau Paris Series begins.