Waimo Kun
Genre : Animation
No.of Episodes : 40
Duration : 2 - 3 min
Production Year : 2010

©Tortoise Matsumoto / Kiiroi Kaoshite Baban Bang.

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gWaimoh means gMe tooh. Waimo Kun loves to copy people, and yells gWaimo, waimo!h all the time. Copying anyone and everyone, hefs easily excited and tries to fit right in with anyone, no matter who they are. Waimo Kun is kind of annoying, but lovable for some reason.
Waimo Kun boards the train house Iko Iko, and before him stands a group of crazy characters, all balancing each other out. This is a story of their happy, intense, fun adventures!
Traveling from place to place as they like on Iko Iko, youfll never be able to predict what Waimo Kun will do next, since he doesnft know the meaning of restraint!
Once he says his catch phrase gWaimo-!h therefs no stopping Waimo Kun! Getting his pals wrapped up in huge trouble, and surreal conclusions, youfll break out into laughter before you know it in Waimofs world.


His name when he was alone used to be Wai Kun. Once he met friends, he became Waimo Kun. Waimo means gMe, tooh in a Kansai dialect.
His special skill is copying. He copies anything that looks like fun. Thanks to that, hefs always causing trouble for everyone.
He likes being part of a group of friends. He tries to become friends with everyone. Above all, he loves fun things.
He hates being alone, since hefs Waihmoh Kun now.

His catchphrase is gWaimo-!h After he yells that, Waimo-kun is unstoppable (in all kinds of ways). The problem is he doesnft read the mood of the situation.. He thinks hefs totally getting it, but he isnft. His dream is to continue on this journey with everyone

Uchimo Chan
gUchimo Chanh has always been gUchimo Chanh. When she was constantly crying after separated from her beloved dog Hapi for eternity, she met Waimo Kun. gUchimoh means gMe tooh in a Kansai dialect, but for girls instead of guys. Her specialty is anything girly. She can do anything girls do perfectly. The only thing she canft do is fake tears. She likes copying people sometimes. She is very kind, but when she sees people fake tears, she completely changes. Her catchphrase is gUchimo-!h Shefs completely influenced by Waimo Kun. She has problems getting carried away. Shefs always being swept up by other people. She thinks it is dumb of her, and worries about it. Her dream is to reunite with Hapi and travel with everyone.

Metahan was born from a heavy metal hand sign. Hefs thinks that for a man, heavy metal is life itself. Hefs a naughty boy, but he actually cries easily. His special skill is playing the guitar. Although he keeps it a secret from everyone, hefs actually only playing air guitar. He canft actually play guitar yet.
He likes heavy metal music. Hefs always listening to metal on his headphones, practicing guitar.
He hates people who treat guitars roughly. If you harm his treasured guitar, youfre in big trouble.
His catch phrase is gMe-taha-n!h He doesnft really say it much.
He worries about how his face opens when he gets excited. It doesnft happen often, but if he gets really excited the fingers on his face open without him realizing it. Hefs even a little scared of it himself, as he canft control it.
His dream is to form a band with everyone and do a nationwide concert tour.

Honky Man
Extremely powerful, Honky Man is serious at everything he does. He cares more about his friends than anyone. Hefs always panicking about the crazy things Waimo Kun does.
His specialty is weight training. As long as he has free time, hefs training with dumbbells.
He likes watching Waimo Kun. He can sense an attraction that Waimo Kun has which he lacks.
He hates fighting. He really hates fighting. Although he works out, hefs extremely weak in a fight.
His catchphrase is gHonky-!h Sometimes he says it in a really girly way.
Hefs worried more about Waimo Kun than Uchimo Chan. He likes Waimo Kun more than the cute Uchimo Chan. He worries it might be a bit strange, but doesnft say anything to anyone about it.
His dream is to live together with everyone even after the journey ends.

Iko Iko
A house thatfs also a train. The 4 live in Iko Iko while moving around. Iko Iko means gLetfs go, letfs go!h.
Its special feature is being a train shaped like a house. Iko Iko is both a house and a train. It always receives mail. It has a die-face clock on its front.
Iko Ikofs Mystery #1 = Why did it come to meet them?
The journey began when Iko Iko came to meet Waimo Kun. If it hadnft come to meet the 4, the journey would never have begun.
Iko Ikofs Mystery #2 = How does it move?
Iko Iko has no engine. It is a mystery as to who is moving it.
Iko Ikofs Mystery #3 = Who decides where it goes?
The journey continues on with no schedule. Iko Iko just decides which places to stop on a whim. Who knows when Iko Ikofs journey will end, when therefs no one driving it? Is Iko Iko really just a house trainc? What is Iko Ikofs true identity?